holiday gift ideas: natural hand-crafted body products by eathwise medicinals

One thing I love about fall and winter is that I finally have a bit of time to sort through all the herbal tinctures, herbal-infused oils, and dried herbs that I have made and collected in the warmer seasons. For many years I have been using these home-spun supplies to make hand-crafted gifts for the holidays that have been much enjoyed by family and friends, including herbal salves, balms, and natural body products.  I have been developing these natural body product recipes over the past many years, and this year I am making my products publicly available for the first time.  Now is your chance to enjoy these hand-crafted natural body products for the holidays! You can click on any of the items listed below to see the product description, ingredients, pictures, prices, and amount I currently have in stock.  All of the items listed here are 100% natural, food-grade quality, and organically and/or ethically grown and harvested.  

vanilla body balm

wintermint lip balm

coconut creme

lavendar hand salve

rose hydrosol

lavendar massage oil

I have limited amounts of each body product available, as I make very small hand-made batches every time in order to ensure quality control. If you would like to order something that you see here on my blog, please leave a comment below or message me personally on facebook.  I am able to put together custom orders, designed just for your own needs, as well as gift wrap a selection of items for you in a natural wicker basket if you’d like to give something here as a gift.  I truly hope you enjoy these wonderful natural body products as much as we do!



About earthwisemedicinals

Chana Laila has been studying herbal medicine since 2003 when she enrolled as an apprentice at Blazing Star Herbal School. Throughout her time studying herbal medicine, Chana Laila has become the mother of three children, and has focused on learning how to care for her family using herbal remedies and products. This work has inspired her to create Earthwise Medicinals, a line of ethically and sustainably harvested herbal products for women's and children's health. In 2004 Chana Laila completed a doula training program and currently works with women to offer professional labor support services. Chana Laila teaches classes on herbal medicine for women's health, as well as classes on how to make herbal preparations at home, and is currently enrolled in a correspondence certification program on herbal medicine for women's health taught by Aviva Jill Romm. Chana Laila is also a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. Her music can be found at and
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2 Responses to holiday gift ideas: natural hand-crafted body products by eathwise medicinals

  1. Stef grundy says:

    I love your blog! I want to try to make some of the salve, but I meed to know if there is anything I can substitute the coconut oil with. I am allergic to coconut 😦 any suggestions?

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