Natural Body Products

I am really excited to be launching a new line of hand-crafted, all natural, botanical body products for the first time!  For many years I have been using home-grown and ethically harvested medicinal herbs to make hand-crafted products that have been much enjoyed by family and friends, including herbal salves, lip balms, hydrosols, and creams.  I have been developing these natural body product recipes over the past 5 years, and this year I am making my products publicly available for the first time.  I have limited amounts of each product available, as I make very small hand-made batches every time. If you would like to order something that you see on my blog, please leave a comment below or message me personally on facebook. I am able to put together custom orders, designed just for your own needs, as well as gift wrap a selection of items for you in a natural wicker basket if you’d like to give someting here as a gift. You can click on any of the items listed below to see the product description, ingredients, pictures, prices, and amount I currently have in stock.  All of the items listed here are 100% natural, food-grade quality, and organically and/or ethically grown and harvested. I hope you enjoy these wonderful natural body products as much as we do!


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  1. Hi Chana! Your stuff looks beautiful. I am hoping I win one of your goodies. Best wishes, Katherine

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