Our Green Mission

At Earthwise Medicinals, we aim to achieve the most sustainable, earth-friendly practices possible, which is an ever-evolving process. Here are some of the ways that we integrate sustainable practices into our home and business dealings.


SHIPPING MATERIALS: We are committed to reusing and recycling ALL packaging materials, and to use as little new packing material as possible. All paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, plastic bags, envelopes and boxes are always collected and reused for shipping out our products in the greenest possible way. We encourage you to reuse the packaging when you receive our products as well.

JARS, BOTTLES AND TINS: In addition, all of our used bottles, canisters and jars are collected and washed, sterilized, recycled and reused. (In order to ensure the highest quality and safety our products are sold in new jars and containers).

COMPOST: We compost all spent plant materials, tree leaves, and food waste generated from home and business use. Composting is a very effective and easy way to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and to conserve organic matter for use as fertilizer for our garden beds.


By growing our own herbal and culinary products seasonally, we are able to live with the seasons and produce the freshest ingredients, as well as to continue to learn about how to support and enhance the life cycle of each plant we use. We use only organic, sustainably cultivated, and ethically wild-harvested medicinal herbs and bulk ingredients in our products. By growing our own whenever possible, we reduce the use of fossil fuel for transporting goods, and support food security for a growing, sustainable, and local economy.


By supporting local farms and businesses, we help create a sustainable future, build community, and support the local economy. We are proud members of Next Barn Over CSA Farm, the Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA, and Brookfield Farm winter CSA share, and have participated in many other local farm CSA shares in our area.

By supporting global fair trade, we ensure that the products that we can’t grow ourselves, such as coffee, vanilla beans, cacao butter, and olive oil, are grown by people who’s rights to fair trade, and a safe working environment, are protected.


We are actively engaged with continuing to learn about sustainability, and to integrate more of our understanding into our home and business. By implementing techniques such as installing a solar cold frame, creating our own organic garden compost, studying the life cycles of the plants we grow and use, and learning how to cultivate and protect wild medicinal plant species, we hope to continually grow and improve our ability to live sustainably and in harmony with the earth.


Please join in the community effort to build a future of healthy, sustainable living! There is much more to be done!

you can buy seeds here: www.horizonherbs.com

you can learn more and take action here: www.organicconsumers.org


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