Labor Support Services

I have been blessed to attend the birth of many beautiful babies, and I am honored to provide supportive and holistic care for your pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.  I truly love the work I do- to offer caring labor support services for expecting families in Western Massachusetts.

Labor Support and Doula Services Include:

Free Initial Consultation

Included in my services is a free initial consultation where we get to know each other. It’s important that you feel good about our relationship and all the people you choose to have present at your birth, especially your doula. We will discuss what I can and cannot do as your doula, your general plans for your birth, and we can also go over my contract and come to a payment agreement. You are under no obligation to sign a contract at this time. Feel free to think about things and get in touch with me when you’re ready.

Prenatal Support

After receiving a signed contract, I will be available for unlimited support via email and phone. We will also set up two prenatal visits where we discuss your pregnancy, health history, and create plan for your birth.  We can talk about any worries you have, changes you’re experiencing, and how to stay healthy during your pregnancy with herbs, diet and exercise.   I offer a variety of herbal medicines and body products to help support your pregnancy and birth process, if desired.  We will also discuss the specific techniques we can use together to provide optimal comfort during your labor, and create a personalized positive affirmation to support your confidence and peace of mind during pregnancy and labor.

Labor Support

As your doula I plan to provide support throughout your entire birth at home and/or in the hospital setting.  I will be on call around the clock for two weeks before and after your due date.  I will support you physically, emotionally and informationally throughout your labor and delivery. I will help your partner stay as involved as he/she is comfortable being. If you are having a hospital birth, I will help you interact with hospital staff, interpret any information and empower you to make decsions that fit your desires for your birth.

Postpartum Support

I will stay to support you for a few hours after your birth, support the establishment of initial breastfeeding, and help you process your birth experience.  I will make sure you are settled with your baby and comfortable before I leave you to bond with your precious new baby.  I am available for unlimited email and phone support for two weeks following your birth, offering support for breastfeeding and answering questions you may have about caring for your newborn baby.  I will visit you at your convenience 1-2 weeks postpartum to check in on you and give you any additional support that you need including time to discuss your birth experience.

Fee for Complete Doula Services:  $770

I require a deposit of $300 upon signing a contract, and the remainder to be paid at 36 weeks.  I also offer a sliding scale for those in need, as I believe all women deserve to have quality support and care during their pregnancy and labor.

If you are interested in my birth services, please contact me via email:, and please know I look forward to working with you!


“I was approaching birth with a lot of fear and trauma from my previous birth. Chana spent time with myself and my husband discussing the traumatizing experience and working with us to create a practical, reassuring birth plan which really changed our mindset to a more calm and peaceful one. She spent so much time with me helping to get labor going and assisting me in getting in the right frame of mind. In labor she was a smiling, encouraging face and a gentle, calming voice through the most challenging moments. She provided incredible physical, emotional and practical support to myself and my husband constantly reminding me of her faith in me to achieve the birth that I wanted. Post partum she took the time to talk about the birth with me and discuss the difficulties of having a new baby. I am so blessed to have had her with me through this journey and I could not have imagined it without her.” Sarah Kisilevitch


“Chana Laila brought her calming, knowledgeble, spiritual and intuitive presence with her during my daughter’s birth. She gave plenty of hands on and emotional support. I remember her walking with me holding my hand and knowing when to give me space as well. When I was going through transition and could only ask for help briefly, she was advocating for me without me needing to ask twice and supported me fully to actualize the birth plan I had shared with her. Her loving warm words greeted my baby and helped me start out in a safe bonding relationship. I was very blessed to have her with me.”  Rivka Kaplan-Peck

“Having been at 4 out of 5 of my births, I can honestly say with a whole heart full of humble gratitude what a gift I’ve been given having had Chana Laila with me- by my side, tuned in, a tranquil, strong presence, silent when needed, present and ready to speak as my advocate, totally dedicated to the task at hand, armed with helpful suggestions, tools and techniques ie. herbal/natural remedies, gentle, firm touch, etc… She was right there with me, an anchor, a mirror, a reminder of the strength we as women have within and that can somehow only be brought out with the help of another. Chana Laila is truly a wonderful, supportive, experienced doula with authentic love and devoted care plus incredible knowledge and wisdom in her field. My births have reaped much joy from having benefited from her loving support!”  Tamar Helfen

“Chana Laila was a great support during my birth, she was so dedicated she helped create a safe and spiritual space to birth in.  She supports you how you want to be supported. When I look back on my birth I remember her as strong patient and and safe presence thank you Chana for helping me facilitate the process of birth!” Devorah Ariella 


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